What to expect at Worship - Holy Cross 2017

Living and Loving as Jesus

Holy Cross
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We're blessed by the people who come to Holy Cross, and spend part of their time here.
Sunday worship begins at 10:30. (Other seasonal worship times vary and are posted on this site.)

The worship texts, and song lyrics, are projected up on a screen.
You can sing along, and engage in worship however you feel comfortable.
We have a scripture reading, a sermon, and communion almost every Sunday.
You are welcome to receive communion any time you at Holy Cross.
An Usher will direct you when it is your turn to receive communion.

Worship lasts about an hour, and then we'll have some time for coffee and conversation.
If you have kids with you, we have a Kids’ Klub program on the lower level.
There are also some activities on the counter in the narthex if you need something for your kids to do if they are staying with you during worship.

We also take up an offering each week.
If you are new at Holy Cross, don’t feel any obligation to give whatsoever. We’re just glad you’re here.
If you do come prepared to give, you can place your gift directly on the collection plate as it comes down your row.

If you wish to add the name of someone to the prayer list for the morning,
please write their name on one of the Prayer Request cards that are on the back of the pew in front of you.
An Usher collects the cards during the Gathering Song.

If you have any further questions, please email Pastor Colin.

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